New friend from my beer class.
The BFG from DOOM 2
and feesh tacos! 

New friend from my beer class.

The BFG from DOOM 2

and feesh tacos! 


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02/26/12 at 8:53pm
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    Q, a hatchet from Don’t Starve, and Cheese-its. fiteme
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    My friend Alise, and a bastard carbine from the FONV mod and spaghetti , not too fucked.
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    Katlen grapple hook and boiled eggs welp I’m dead
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    A close friend, a dagger with +7 enchantment (courtesy of DCSS)„ and PIZZA. Not happy about being stuck with a dagger,...
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    (( my friend kate, a fire aspect, and unbreaking diamond sword, and baked potatos. I WILL SURVIVE!!))
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    ThomasEnchanted Diamond sword (minecraft)Ramen noodlesIm gonna live.
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    (( my friend fishy, tnt and yoghurt. Dig me a grave guys))
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    (well I don’t text soooooo yeahhhhh, is a random video game character alright? XD) Aiden Pearce :3...
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    Surviving with iarescientists, piloting a Gundam, and eating a lifetime supply of Cosmic Brownies. I’m pretty sure we’ll...
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    Surviving with Mish, wielding the keyblade, and eating steak, corn and a salad for the rest of my life.
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    Genny, Aiden (Beyond2Souls), and peanuts xD
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    Meg Giant arm blades Chicken sandwiches … I think I’m gonna be okay
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    Kaitlin my sister, A dragon *I of the dragon* Steak.))
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    Dylan plantains and a night stick
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    My friend Taylor, A Big League Baseball Bat, and Chicken Tenders with white gravy.
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    Mah friend Panda, the Phage from Warframe, and a lifetime supply of peanut butter
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    // psychoticrat, the HL2 shotgun, and strawberry poptarts…
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    //My friends Lester, I guess Mecha-Malphite is my weapon, and life time supply of Subway Melts,….to fucked at all!
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    my fucking mom, a FUCKING IRON SWORD, AND FUCKING ICE CREAM sandwiches I AM FUCKED
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    @Fantrollsandfanfic Chillrend from skyrim And an infinite supply of fideo…..I think we’re good?
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    My internet friend sigmas and A killing edge from fire emblem.
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    Vystar (my bank), whatever Heimerdinger has lying around in his little toolbelt pretty much, chicken and fries.
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    Katja, Dawnbreaker (muhahaha, eat shit undead mothafackas…!), spagetti with minced meat. The new world is mine. :>
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    Well I’m stuck with artybluearty I have a lifetime supply of fried chicken and my weapon is a single light cigarette
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    lets see rakshha 1-handed sword baumkuchen i’d say i’d be fairly well equiped