New friend from my beer class.
The BFG from DOOM 2
and feesh tacos! 

New friend from my beer class.

The BFG from DOOM 2

and feesh tacos! 


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02/26/12 at 8:53pm
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    lets see rakshha 1-handed sword baumkuchen i’d say i’d be fairly well equiped
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    My “significant other”, a crowbar and bacon sandwiches…I’ll cope xD
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    Ok I swear to god I don’t play video games like EVER ok so my weapon? IS MY FUCKING POKEMON TEAM SUCK IT BITCHES
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    Urz, the shittiest Mass Effect 3 pistol (dammit ending why do I have to use the worst one not the Citadel DLC one), and...
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    Kristen, A Vindicator Assault Rifle, and infinite cheeseburgers. This can only go well…
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    So, uhm A friend of mine, Link’s Sword and PIZZA FOR EVER OH GODS YESSA
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    My best female friendThe Hawke Key (two handed version) from DA2 Boneless banquet from KFCI’ll think I will manage quite...
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    My Moirail Kalina. Beelzebumon. Sushi. Yeah, I’m good too.
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    My girlfriend shegufta…. good good Halo DMR… K seems doable …Pancakes. Just pancakes. FUCK I’M GONNA DIE FROM...
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    My gf, ass-get-out-of-my-ass, gem-activated lightning, and s’more ice cream on a chocolate dipped waffle cone. I’m...
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    Ok so… My Classmate from school A dragon nest Bubble blaster/Kabala And a PB sandwich …hey if my class counts, I’ll be...
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    Okay…… I’m surviving with Cosmo (tonyarceus777) Last weapon was…..uh……Copy Abilities? Either that or Persuasion Needle...
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    Matt, peanut butter fudge and Orochi’s Clave with Divine Powers? I think I’m ok
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