New friend from my beer class.
The BFG from DOOM 2
and feesh tacos! 

New friend from my beer class.

The BFG from DOOM 2

and feesh tacos! 


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02/26/12 at 8:53pm
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    Last IM was sent to floralian-taranza, last weapon was a banana peel from Mario Kart 7, and the last food I ate (for...
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    The dude who tagged me up there ^ and um fire powers? and i shall live off babka. I will gain pounds but in the...
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    teatemple and Myself Smoke Powers and Neon Powers from InFamous Second Son And I’ll have to survive off Lays Chips! I’m...
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    noppera-bro and I My reaper scythes from TERA and thai food
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    My little sister, a Beam wand, and clam chowder… this is gonna be interesting.
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    The-hyrule-princess,hyperniva,and ice cream. I’m good
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    Hattershadow,ULTRASWORD,and school food……
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    Aw yeah- my wife, an AK-47 and broccoli chicken and rice. Armed, got my love and a pretty good balance of nutrition.
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    Last person I texted: My best friend Last weapon: AK 47 assault rifle and Im pretty pleased with the fact that I would...
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    Last message was to Harrison Last weapon is a sword I think and I have an unlimited supply of Chicken Korma
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    My girlfriend, a Diamond Sword and bread I may do okay but I had to get the most BLAND food
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    person i texted: abby & sam (group chat) Weapon: Biotics- mass effect unlimited supply of pizza hELLA YEAH
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    My boyfriend…..a peashooter from Plants Vs. ZOMBIES ((which is really good concentrating on what I’m up against))…..and...
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    I survive along with penguinpuffin23, my weapon is an iron sword, and I last ate meatloaf and mash potatoes and...
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    Jake. A Pick Axe. Skittles.
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    Person I texted: I sent Cyrano a letter this morning My golden axe Unlimited Supply: Perfect Apples cause I had to eat...
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